3 Giants

3 Giants

How can we become giant? What if this quest for greatness was not solitary, but rather a collective? With this new creation, Machine de Cirque invites you on an initiatory journey to the heart of yourselves, to find what is great. Driven by the music of a live DJ, a vibrant youth returns to their raw state, freeing themselves from established norms, to reinvent the world. Facing nature, they emerge from all horizons to respond to this cry from the heart that they no longer heard. For a moment, this ephemeral community will build a place of possibilities where fall and ascent intertwine, but where hope always arises. Because it has to. Influenced by the social movements of recent years, this show is an ode to change, resilience and the beauty that emerges when solitudes become a group.
Let’s become giant, together.


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