La Galerie

The circus invades the museum!

Seven zany acrobats and an electrifying musician take in a monochrome exhibit. With a creative spark, they set off an explosion of color. In mocking defiance of convention, these wacky and endearing characters eagerly explore the exhibition inside out.

Dizzying feats, astonishing discoveries, poetic liberties, and a serious dose of some silly good fun come together to fuel this ode to creativity.

Enjoy this exhilarating feast for the senses.

Experience La Galerie.

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La Galerie
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Stage Director and Author: Olivier Lépine

Artistic Director and Co-Writer: Vincent Dubé

Cast: Adam Strom, Antoine Morin, Connor Houlihan, Gaël Della-Valle, Lyne Goulet, Pauline Bonanni, Vladimir Lissouba and William Poliquin-Simms

Music: Marie-Hélène Blay

Artistic advisor: Frédéric Lebrasseur, Lyne Goulet, Maxim Laurin, Raphaël Dubé and Ugo Dario

Scenographer: Julie Lévesque

Lighting Designer: Bruno Matte

Costumes: Emilie Potvin

Production Director: Geneviève Ouellet-Fortin

Technical Director: Mathieu Hudon

Other Collaborations: Carl D.Jardins and Gilles Bernard 

A special thanks to Machine de Cirque’s board members for their constant involvement which made the creation of this show possible.

Public Partners:

  • Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
  • Canada Council for the Arts
  • Entente de développement culturel intervenue entre le gouvernement du Québec et la Ville de Québec


  • Temal Productions
  • Cirque au Sommet
  • Ville de Clichy-sous-Bois

”[...] A gallery devoid of colour is slowly filled with vibrant hues, amid live music and acrobatics [...] ”

The List (Scotland), 2019

”Do you find museums to be rather cold and stuffy? That’s because you haven’t stepped into Machine de Cirque’s adorable art gallery, which electrifies the visual arts in a unique and physical manner in La Galerie” [Translation]

Le Journal de Québec (Canada), 2019

”The acrobatic show La Galerie [...] is a true ode to creativity.” [Translation]

La Presse (Canada), 2019

“All that can be said is that never again will you stand in a queue the same way or walk through a museum (or a library) silently, without smiling at that irresistible urge to get out of line, to stand out ” [Translation]

DFDANSE (Canada), 2019

“Breathtaking acts with stunning, virtuosic feats performed with such ease.” [Translation]

Infoculture (Canada), 2019

“Rich, complex and refined, La Galerie explores the art world, and it does it with class, irony and great sens of cross-pollination.” [Translation]

Teatrionline (Italia), 2019

“Machine de Cirque’s new show is brimming with breathtaking feats” [Translation]

Le Soleil (Canada), 2019

“An inventive show that blends theatre, music, plenty of acrobatics, amazing circus acts and even dance choreography. A feast for the eyes and ears.” [Translation]

Infoculture (Canada), 2019

“Stunning. Some numbers can take your breath away, whereas the juggling act borders on sleight of hand.” [Translation]

Pieuvre (Canada), 2019

“[...] somewhat surreal and zany side of the show [...]” [Translation]

Voir (Canada), 2019

“[…] Machine de Cirque’s playful and innovative circus show is a masterpiece.”

Edinburgh Spotlight (Scotland), 2019

” [...] a wildly entertaining hour of anarchy featuring complex acrobatic choreography, new twists on classic circus skills and heaps of infectious joie de vivre [...]”

British Theatre Guide (Scotland), 2019

“This show is enchanting, hypnotic & breathtaking. Amazing acrobatic piece from a troupe of incredible performers.”

The Scottish Sun (Scotland), 2019

“[...] a dizzying acrobatic spectacle, whilst being genuinely hilarious and thought provoking – a definite must-see.”

The Skinny (Scotland), 2019

“Exceptional, creative circus AND something for the interpretive muscles to enjoy too.”

The Circus Diaries (Scotland), 2019

“Fearless and funny, without a hint of dumbing down, La Galerie is a breath of fresh air.”

The Scotsman (Scotland), 2019

”[...] this show, with its combination of the silly and the sublime, is surely a little masterpiece of its kind.”

Maisonneuve (Canada),



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