Machine de Cirque invaded the Baie de Beauport (Québec, Canada) in August 2020 to create an original walk-through circus inspired by the St. Lawrence River.

FLEUVE explores the many aspects of the majestic waterway: nutritive fishing; the anchor port; the beacon in the night; the epic ice canoe crossings; underwater shipwreck exploration; and – last but not least – the great queen of the St. Lawrence, as colossal as she is fragile: the whale!

5 original stations, 16 talented circus artists and 50 immersive minutes: this COVID-safe guided tour was held in August 2020.

Artistic direction: Vincent Dubé

Stage direction: Olivier Lépine

Performers: Maude Arseneault, Pauline Bonanni, Mathieu Cloutier, Gaël Della Valle, Raphaël Dubé, Frédérique Hamel, Connor Houlihan, Claire Hopson, Guillaume Larouche, Maxim Laurin, Myriam Lessard, Antoine Morin, William Poliquin-Simms, Adam Strom, Camille Tremblay and Yohann Trépanier.

Musical design: Frédéric Lebrasseur

Original music: Frédéric Lebrasseur

Additional music: Frédéric Chopin [Étude no 2 en La bémol majeur (Trois études nouvelles) & Prélude en Ré mineur opus 28 no 24]

Lighting design: Bruno Matte

Stage design: Julie Levesque and Nathalie Simard

Costumes: Sébastien Dionne and Émilie Potvin

Technical direction: Patrick Paquet, Patrice Guertin and Mathieu Hudon

Production: Sonia Montminy

FLEUVE was presented with the support of the following partners:

  • Gouvernement du Québec
  • Ville de Québec
  • Baie de Beauport
  • Port de Québec
  • École de cirque de Québec
  • WKND radio 91.9

This resort offers an aerial ballet consisting of pirouettes very spectacular and that starts very beautiful way, the course ambulatory.

The Sherbrooke Times (Canada), 2020

Shows like FLEUVE give hope, entertainment and inspiration.

Chronicle Telegraph (Canada),


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