Machine de Cirque packs high doses of dizzying feats, powerful emotions, poetry, intelligence and humour into its original circus shows. Its ingenious and deeply human creations skillfully blend the highest levels of contemporary circus with musical and theatrical performances.

Machine de Cirque was founded in 2013 under the initiative of Vincent Dubé – a circus performer for over 20 years and holder of a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. He is the Company's artistic director and CEO. Circus artists Raphaël Dubé, Yohann Trépanier, Ugo Dario and Maxim Laurin, as well as multi-instrumentalist Frédéric Lebrasseur, are its cofounders. They joined forces with Vincent in 2015 to create their namesake show titled “Machine de Cirque.”

This creation has enjoyed tremendous public and critical success. The Boston Globe has described the show as “an inspired performance of acrobatics and broad comedy” (Don Aucoin, September 23, 2016).  The show has been presented more than 600 times in France, Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, the United States, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Spain and Canada. And the show goes on…

In addition, the travelling show “Truck Stop: The Great Journey” was launched with great fanfare in summer 2018, with a maiden tour covering more than 14,000 km. In barely a few weeks, “Truck Stop” managed to reach over 16,000 spectators across Canada.

In 2019, the Company is charting a course for a new adventure with the creation of “La Galerie.”

New productions are also on the drawing table. They are based on the three pillars of the Company's artistic signature – ingenuity, live performative music and theatrics – and carried by the collaborative spirit that fuels Machine de Cirque. Based in Québec City, the Company's mission is to bring together various actors from the arts and technology communities around circus show production projects. It focuses on production excellence and the sustainable development of its team.


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